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              High-level talents introduction plan in Changzhou

              ArticleSource:    Update time:2014-10-16

              With the deepening of innovative urban construction, the pace of the introduction of high-level personnel in Changzhou is accelerating. Following the March 2010 starting "Changzhou City, thousands of overseas talent gathering project", the city government has launched a plans in Changzhou Science and Education Town called "Golden Phoenix plans to introduce high-level personnel" ("Government Opinions on Golden Phoenix high-level talent introduction plan in Changzhou Science and Education Town " Chang Zheng Fa No. 2,007,183), and takes effect from the date of promulgation.

              Web Links: http://www.iamt.cas.cn/rcdw/rczc/

              Our institute opens recruitment following persons due to the requirement of rapid development for scientific research:

              1. Job Requirements

              A. Machine Vision Post

              The one, who familiars with basic theory and knowledge of image processing and machine vision algorithms, and using C / C ++ programming and OpenCV or other image processing library skillfully, has priority admission.

              B. Industrial Design Engineer

              a) Industrial design-related professional, college degree or above.

              b) You need to have a solid foundation and strong product design product appearance innovative thinking.

              c) Proficient 3DMAX, Rhino and other industrial design software, skilled use of Photoshop, Solidworks, Cad software, you need to carry your work interview.

              C. Mechanical Processing Personnel

              a) Implement lathe machining operation and maintenance independently;

              b) High school education, more than five years of work experience, skills and master the lathe safety practices;

              c) Good ability to read mechanical drawings and other technology-based;

              d) Good team spirit, hard-working, subject to distribution;

              D. Machining Equipment Engineer

              a) Only open to male, with a strong practical ability, familiar two-dimensional and three-dimensional mechanical design software;

              b) More than two years of work experience, can operate milling machines and lathes, could compile process;

              c) Have a team spirit, good communication skills.

              E. Product Planning Engineer

              a) With college degree or above, more than two years corporate product planning working experience, with strong planning skills;

              b) The current performance control and inspection class mechanical and electrical products on the market, applications, markets and economic prospects understand;

              c) Line of products for technical realization, the key issues and processes in control, able to solve problems in the product realization process;

              d) Have a team spirit, good communication skills.

              F. Software Engineer

              a) The development of language proficiency in at least Java, VC ++ 6.0, C # in one, two or more proficient and have actual project development experience is preferred;

              b) Master an Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server and other databases, SQL language to master, there is a database associated program development experience is preferred;

              c) Be familiar with OpenGL / DirectX3D, there Open-Scene-Graph virtual simulation development experience is preferred;

              G. Senior Developer of Virtual Prototyping Technology

              a) Machinery, computer classes or math class undergraduate degree or above, and other low-level understanding of computer-related knowledge;

              b) Be familiar with mechanical three-dimensional part model file structure, capable of three-dimensional modeling software program developed for secondary use VC;

              c) Proficiency in the use of finite element analysis, dynamic analysis and control simulation software category;

              H. Senior Developer Robot Application Technology

              a) Master of robots, computers, automatic control, electronic engineering, signal processing and pattern recognition, Electrical Engineering or related discipline or higher;

              b) Proficiency in reading English data sheet, documentation;

              c) There DSP motor control and ARM embedded system programming experience;

              I. Intelligent Automation Senior Developer

              a)Master automatic control theory, skilled use of PLC, DC converter, inverter, servo drives and other automation equipment development;

              b) Familiar with Microsoft.Net, VC, VB and other high-level language, solve interactive interface, database management and other issues;

              c) Master the C language, mastered several mainstream development tools: ARM development tools, DSP development tools, 51 MCU development tools;

              J. Lathe operator

              a) Independent lathe machining operation and maintenance;

              b) High school education, more than five years of work experience, job title senior workers more control lathe skills and safety practices;

              c) Good ability to read mechanical drawings and other technology-based;

              2. Talent Treatment

              a) The outstanding undergraduates and graduates and above educations are provided Changzhou institutions;

              b) The excellent undergraduates and master's degree or above enjoy the treatment on Changzhou Science and Education Town of Golden Phoenix plans to provide some subsidy to buy a house.

              3. Postdoctoral Jobs

              A. Automation, electronic information and other related professionals

              (A) Research

              a) Control theory and algorithms of complex automation systems;

              b) Complex manufacturing processes or equipment, intelligent control, optimization and scheduling;

              B. Mechanical Engineering

              (A) Research:

              a) Kinematics, dynamics computer simulation and virtual prototyping electromechanical products;

              b) Design based on dSpace electromechanical product;

              c) The manufacturing process and process high-precision products;

              C. Robot Application Technology


              a) Industrial robot design and attitude control;

              b) Industrial robot computer system design;

              c) Industrial robot integration technology;

              d) Industrial robot performance testing.

              Registration for the above staff, we will follow the open recruitment, equal competition, the principle of selecting the best, to apply for postdoctoral research personnel careful selection, once hired, you will get the annual salary of not less than 80,000 yuan.

              4. Leader type returned overseas entrepreneurship

              A. Recruitment Requirements:

              Learn and achieve master's degrees of national recognition abroad upon graduation renowned overseas universities, research institutions or enterprises for three years or more, and with innovation and entrepreneurship, the following conditions:

              a) The academic leader or technical leader mechanical design, electrical engineering, robotics, automation and control, power electronics, automotive electronics, motor control and other disciplines.

              b) An international leader in the development and prospects of the tech market research;

              c) With independent intellectual property rights and patents in foreign countries, and its technical achievements have market potential and industrial production.

              d) or have major projects can be formed with good prospects for the development industry.

              B. Talent treatment:

              a) One-time grant one million yuan venture start-up capital, free of not less than 100 square meters of business space and 100 square meters of residence within three years;

              b) With shares of investment and technological achievements, the authorities assessed, based on the investment side of the agreement, its highest price contribution can be accounted for 70% of the registered capital;

              c) In the high-tech research and development projects, and in full evaluation of its projects, developing prospects, the degree of risk situation, given the venture capital funds to support the appropriate amount;

              d) In high-tech scientific and technological achievements, and in the prospects for its products fully demonstrate the scale of production, profitability, etc. After giving the appropriate amount of secured financing, project loans given to 50% of the interest payments on loans;

              e) Purchase their own homes and cars, local part of personal income tax paid within five years by the same level of financial subsidies;

              f) The Institute gives research start-up funds 100,000, set up a separate laboratory, and give full support and enthusiastic service in registered enterprises, technical support areas.

              g) Schooling of children related to the introduction of talent Changzhou City departments to develop, family placement, talent development funding, personnel training and other preferential policies can simultaneously enjoy.

              More than those who are interested, please provide your resume and send it to the following e-mail: chenhaixia_nihao@126.com.

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