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              Patent Application

              ArticleSource:    Update time:2014-11-13

              1.A wireless monitoring system based on the GPRS-ZigBee network(ZL201120537270.8) 

              2.A device applied to the high speed LED striping with multipoint(201220157389.7) 

              3.A device for the polarity identification and the position adjustment of the diode(ZL201220157001.3) 

              4.A facility used for fully automatic quantitative packaging(ZL201120537270.8) 

              5.A paw structure used for the robot walking on the water(ZL201220157988.9)  

              6.A double station auto deveice for the pressing fitting of  the bottom powder of the bullet(ZL201220177372.8) 

              7.A 2 DOFs robot joint device based on the double electromagnetic clutch(ZL201220158002.X) 

              8.A new type speed controller for the fan of the air conditioner(ZL201220085803.8)  

              9.Imitation of the wind serpent skeleton space extend driving device(ZL201220085292.X) 

              10.A bionic high-strength and lightweight climbing robot(ZL201220323524.0)  

              11.A modular high speed placement head used for the chip shooter(ZL201220489934.2) 

              12.A SMT control system for the LED chip mounter control(ZL201220491778.3) 

              13.A mobile platform used for the loadometer welding(ZL201320059850.X) 

              14.A flexible welding holder for the loadometer end plate(ZL201320048783.1)  

              15.An adjustable pneumatic splint manipulator used for the robot palletizer(ZL2013200487530) 

              16.A motion control device for the manipulator used for upper and lower material(ZL2013200309980)  

              17.A plate turning device(ZL201320048531.9) 

              18.An auto side pocket control system for the rotary packing machine used for cement packing(ZL201320048781.2) 

              19.A transient high-energy driven dc servo control system(ZL201320030976.4)  

              20.An automatic continuous supply bag device(ZL201320030954.8) 

              21.Tandem container vehicle dynamic points box weight system and weight method(200910312017.X) 

              22.A temperature self-compensation fiber optic liquid level sensor(ZL201110048817.2) 

              23.A wall-climbing robot has the function of the bionic vibration absorbing and the bionic adhesion structure(201110049063.2) 

              24.A dual detectors compensation fiber-optic acoustic emission sensor(201110308942.2) 

              25.An indoor path navigation method based on hybrid reality(201110406696.4) 

              26.The online quality detection system for the button cell(201110401952.0) 

              27.An optical fiber shape estimate feedback control method for the continuous robot(201110431066.2) 

              28.A variable diameter manipulator for the air cylinder transfer(201210108772.8) 

              29.A bionic climbing robot of flexible structure of the gecko’s foot part CPG control system(201210123307.1) 

              30.A kind of climbing robot with passive pressure structure and bionics claws(201210220235.2) 

              31.A climbing robot with adhesive belt(201210231488.X) 

              32.A vibration suppression method for the dual foot running robot’s foot part(201210288343.3) 

              33.A biped amphibious robot(201210288334.4) 

              34.A flexible steering type of climbing robot(201210288324.0) 

              35.An automatic locks and fasten manipulator(201210324293.X) 

              36.A salient pole structure used for the reducing leakage flux of the permanent magnet eddy current retarder(201210440821.8) 

              37.An adaptable rotor drum hierarchical structure to the working condition of high speed and low speed of the permanent magnet eddy current retarder(201210440769.6 ) 

              38.Navigation and positioning method based on the polarization distribution model matching(201210504865.2) 

              39.Caterpillar bionic foot robot structure and its movement(201310030133.9) 

              40.Bionic crawler adhering travel mechanism and movement method(201310030131.X) 

              41.A damping device application on industrial robots(201310012959.2) 

              42.The control system of injection molding machine mechanical hand(201210559747.1) 

              43.Plastic mould device of the commonly used in automobile driving axle(201210559746.7) 

              44.The ball and spigot nonconforming automatic sorting method and device based on machine vision(201310007585.5) 

              45.The passive compliance impedance structure applied to the service robot manipulator(201210578499.5) 

              46.A wireless pulse meter device based on the piezoelectric buzzer(201210559749.0) 

              47.Intelligent monitoring system of science and technology community(201310007634.5) 

              48.An offline optimization method for long arch type high speed and high precision SMT machine(201310050819.4)  

              49.Elderly health remote monitoring system of science and technology community(201210566421.1) 

              50.Used in high-rise building firefighting robot(201210578539.6) 

              51. Humanoid robots’ foot(201310021626.6) 

              52.The engine camshaft parts surface defect detection method(201310033740.0) 

              53.High-rise building firefighting robot control system(201310007632.6) 

              54.Based on the bionic polarized light navigation positioning system and its positioning method(201310037586.4) 

              55.A fully-automatic upload and lower material production line for t tungsten powder production(201310033736.4)  

              56.Plank turn-over device and its reverse method(201310033657.3) 

              57.Wireless system of check on work attendance based on the ZigBee technology(201310209218.3) 

              58.A multi-thread scanning laser radar system(201310202414.8) 

              59.Image type distribution patterns of the polarized light real time synchronization acquisition device(201310287238.2) 

              60.A PLC control system and its working method for large sack packing machine(201310300179.8) 

              61.An engine camshaft circumferential surface detection device(201310351204.5) 

              62.A vehicle parking brake system and its control method9201310351177.1) 

              63.A new type transferring device for components(201310351121.6) 

              64.An adjustable interface to robot modular joint stiffness of mechanical and electrical connection(201310351588.0) 

              65.An automatic feeding device for the seedling transplanting machine(201310351147.0)  

              66.Tandem movement intelligent weighing platform(201120538069.1) 

              67.A high-rise building firefighting robot control system(201320010894.3) 

              68.A hybrid robot device for the high speed and high precision operation(ZL201120570997.6) 

              69.A manipulator used for the forging(ZL201120571516.3) 

              70.Laser scanninginspection shaft positioning device for the desilting robot(ZL201120531318.40 

              71.Acontinuous robot with hybrid joints(ZL201120502820.2)  

              72.A DDS circuit used for the high precision monitoring of the metal molecule(ZL201120461991.5) 

              73.A control system based on the CAN-bus used for the digitalauto leveling of the multiple sensors(ZL201120461709.3)  

              74.A full skin turning motion robot(ZL201120443751.2) 

              75.A safe protection control system for the High-frequency Blades(ZL201120353246.9) 

              76.Wide angle type binocular visual identification and positioning device for the service robot(201110308977.6) 

              77.A digital slope sensor(ZL201020155232.1) 

              78.A hall senor for the car oil(ZL201020302120.4) 

              79.A control system for the flexible industrial manipulator with 4 DOFs(ZL200920319302.X) 

              80.Cylindrical structure of the mobile robot noumenon imitating amoeba(ZL201110371452.7) 

              81.An intelligent control method for pre-planning trajectory tracking of the unmanned car(ZL201110407082.8)  

              82.A bionic soft robot based on hydrostatic skeleton mechanism characteristics(ZL201110047923.9) 

              83.Kitchen waste processor(ZL201010168818.6)  

              84.A search and rescue robot(ZL201010129066.2) 

              85.Refrigerant linear sensor and its operational method for the eddy current air conditioning(ZL200810020768.X) 

              86.A sensor node used for the safety monitoring of the railway permafrost subgrade(ZL200810019947.1) 

              87.A rotate motion device and its operational method for the finger of the variable structure manipulator(ZL200910116426.2)  

              88.A steering gear and its control method for the unmanned car (ZL201010104800.X) 

              89.Isokinetic muscle strengthtesting system(ZL201010301048.8) 

              90.Refrigerant eddy current sensor device for the air-conditioning(ZL200820041975.9) 

              91.Bionic robot manipulator(ZL200820041976.3) 

              92.An oil-level sensor(ZL200920036345.7) 

              93.A high precision metal separator(ZL200920036346.1) 

              95.A general building machine control system(ZL201010137656.X)  

              96.A device used for muscle strength training and testing(ZL200910304327.7)  

              97.Multi-bar warp knitting machine electronic transverse electric control device(ZL200910304326.2) 

              98.A high precision metal separator(ZL200920036346.1) 

              99.An oil-level sensor(ZL200920036345.7) 

              100.A sensor node and its operational method used for the safety monitoring of the railway permafrost subgrade(ZL200810019947.1)