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              IAMT hold the opening ceremony of demonstration project specialized degree graduate student training base

              ArticleSource:    Update time:2014-10-29

              The opening ceremony of national demonstration project specialized degree graduate student joint training base was hold on the October 11, in Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (IAMT), Changzhou. The academician Hou Jian-guo who is the headmaster of the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, vice President of Zhang Shulin, Changzhou municipal committee secretary of the party working Xu Guang-hui, vice President of the graduate school of the USTC Tu Jing, chief of the IAMT Wang Rong-chuan, executive deputy director of the IAMT Luo Min-zhou and the tutor, scientific research staff and graduate students attended the opening ceremony. Ceremony is presided over by Wang Rong-chuan.  

              Luo Min-zhou first report the construction achievements of the base, including teacher team construction, platform building, the discipline construction, the main work of economy service and the achievements of the USTC. He expresses their heartfelt thanks to everyone for supporting the works of the base. Luo Min-zhou said that the training base in the future work will continue to develop around the objective of the "improve the quality of cultivating". Furthermore, he also stress that the main resource of the base will be devoted to the education exploration and engineering practice, for striving to make greater achievements. 

              Xu Guang-hui pointed out that innovation is the indispensable endogenous impetus to the development of the economic transformation, Changzhou now implementing the strategy of "trinity", the policy of the Science Education City (SEC) will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industrial economy, Xu Guang-hui also stress that they will do their best to provide the needed funds, places, for postgraduate training base construction and to ensure the sufficient material for the development of base, Xu Guang-hui hope that the USTC could give more helps for the development of the SEC in such aspects as the talent cultivation and innovation of science and technology. In addition, they also hope that the Changzhou SEC could strengthen the cooperation with the USTC.  

              Zhang Shulin, vice headmaster of the USTC, points out that Changzhou postgraduate training base of the USTC is the first demonstration project of the specialized degree graduate student base in the Jiangsu area, she hopes that the future work of the training base must pay attention on the long-term development, including satisfy to the government, adapt to the new situation, put forward new ideas, and pursuit greater developments. Based on the advantages of IAMT’s robot technology, the USTC and SEC and the IAMT, these three parties should strengthen the cooperation on the aspect of the control engineering, machinery and some other related professional cooperation. In addition, she also said that she would encourage relevant professional students to the base for practice; these three parties (USTC, Changzhou SEC and IAMT) should make a comprehensive cooperation for exploring the new mechanism and new methods for the development of the engineering master program, and the Changzhou SEC should make a strive to build the base as a piece of fertile soil for cultivating high-level and innovative entrepreneurial talents and become a cradle of technology innovation, achievements transformation and industry incubation.  

              Hou Jian-guo and Xu Guang-hui completed the opening ceremony.  

              After the ceremony, Hou Jian-guo accompanied by Wang Rong-chuan, Luo Min-Zhou, take a visit to the IAMT. He said that the USTC will further strengthen the cooperation and exchanges with the IAMT, accelerate more applied talents in USTC to participating the IAMT’s engineering work. He hopes that more scientific research achievements could be transferred into real productively in Changzhou IAMT.  

              In February of 2011, the USTC, IAMT and Changzhou SEC jointly established the "USTC Changzhou postgraduate training base". Up to now, the number of the student recruitment in Changzhou base is more 160, and all of these students could get a stratified job and acquired a great response by the employer, simultaneously. In the duration of the talents cultivation, the base serves the local construction actively. Some achievements are acquired in the base, including 24 kinds of new products and 173 patents and created economic benefit more than 400 million yuan. In September 2014, the committee of the national engineering professional degree graduate education awarded the training base as a "national demonstration project specialized degree graduate student joint training base".